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External Pentesting


Ethical Hacking is an authorized way of hacking attempt targeting an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain the access into its virtual assets.This kind of assessment looks for protection troubles and vulnerabilities on the inside of your company community with the identical bodily get right of entry to as a member of team of workers or other kinds of worker who has get right of entry to to the building.Penetration test is also is and ethical hacking with performed in a controlled environment.
The testing process is layered, and performed in four stages

External penetration testing is done for assets exposing public environment, during an external penetration test the assessor attempts to exploit the internal network by leveraging vulnerabilities discovered on the external assets.
Tester tries to gain access to privileged data through external facing assets such as email, websites and file shares. Once the external perimeter is breached, the primary agenda of the external penetration is completed.