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PCIDSS Assessment

GTIS is an inspecting firm and was shaped in light of the developing business sector requirement for particular data security administrations. As one of Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) firms affirmed by the PCI Council, our organization is committed IT security resources has practical experience in this kind of testing to more readily serve our customers’ extraordinary needs.

Benefits Of A PCI DSS Assessment

  • Protecting systems system and application weakness and vulnerabilities that can result in data breaches
  • Fines and potentially increased penalties costs due to unmet requirements
  • Reputation protection to reduce  the risk of data breaches
  • Lower down the legal costs, settlements and judgments this help your organization to meet compliance program
  • Protect against going out of business.
  • Prevent frauds and losses for online e-commerce

Our Methodology

  • Using project management approach we help achieving with minimum disruption and miscommunications, this helps in budget overruns
  • Tailored needs to accompany with in-depth knowledge of existing audits from decades of experience to provide a comprehensive compliance.
  • Provide coordination of multiple assessments (for example, ISO, HIPPA and NIST) to reduce compliance costs and effort